Unfortunately we are unable to accept new members with AT&T email accounts.

This includes sbcglobal.net, att.net, flash.net, bellsouth.net, optonline.net, worldnet.att, and ameritech.net email domains — all of which are managed by AT&T.

Over several months AT&T has not responded to our repeated requests to discuss their overly rigid “spam” blocking policies. They also do not respond to inquiries from the help desk at our hosting provider Dream Host.

AT&T blocks the IP address that our list emails are send from. When we create new auto-forwarding email addresses to get around this, they eventually block the IP addresses of those email accounts as well.

You might be able to create an auto-forwarding rule from another email address to forward to your AT&T email address if you REALLY want to keep using it.

Sorry — our moderator team has done everything we can to get around this problem.