You can change all your listserv membership options at the following URL:

You can change your:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Password
  • Unsubscribe from the list
  • Turn Digest mode on or off
  • Receive MIME (rich text) or plain daily digests
  • And more…


You can also change your Digest options by email:

1a) Send an email to

1b) In either the subject line or the message body type “password” (without the quotes).

1c) The system will email you your password. You will need this password to continue.

2a) Send a 2nd email to

2b) Leave the subject line BLANK

2c) In the BODY of the message type:
“set authenticate <YOUR PASSWORD>” (Without the “” & <> marks, using your password in the reply email)
“set digest plain” — (No “” marks) to get digests in plain format
“set digest mime” — (No “” marks) to get digests in MIME (rich text) format *RECOMMENDED*
“set nodigest” — (No “” marks) to get individual messages

Example: 1st email: Subject: password. 2nd email: Subject: BLANK. Two lines in message body:
set authenticate werwerwefsdf
set digest mime